Great For Our Environment.

Environmental Friendly

Saves you money

100% Cost Effective

less worries of fires.

Reduced Risk


CO2 Emmissions Saved

$ 322

Money saved annually per household

$ 4360

Money saved annually per industrial clients

Since May 2019

We are Usafi Green

We comenced our pilot project in MAY 2019,which now has lead to a bigger vission on renewable energy products. Our focus on renewable energy has seen a reduction in deforestation and improved living standards within communities.

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Our Products

We produce the most cheap, good for your health cook stoves,briquettes solar products and machine.


Why choose us

Cost Friendly

We offer solutions that are very affordable to the common citizen.

Environment Friendly

We produce carbon free Briquettes which is good for your heath and the sorounding environment.

24/7 Support

We offer support whenever needed, We deliver and install our products to avoid risks that comes with installments.


Simon Njuki

" For the past two years have been stocking usafi Bora cookstoves from Usafi energy. They are the best in Kakuma market due to its quality "

Twiga supermarket

" We have been stocking Usafi energy limited products both cookstoves and Briquettes and we are proud to say we have clients who do frequently pick the Briquettes. It's a great product to see alot of sales in it "

Camels groceries shop (Kakuma town).

" I do stock Usafi green energy cookstoves and Briquettes in Kakuma town location for now two years and it has uplifted my sales. They have an awesome sales team that respond to my needs where ever I need. "

Alex masakala

" I do resell Usafi green energy cookstoves named Silver Bora for now three years and it's one of the best product in the market it saves cost and use less fuel. "

World hope primary center

" We had challenges in managing hige expenses in firewood. After referal to Usafi green energy in 2022 and an installation has been done successfully. We are proud to say the energy saving cookstoves has saved us 67% of our experiences. We recommend there products "

Eunice Wanjala

" Kakuma town Turkana. Using Usafi energy lights is more economical to me it's uses solar it's affordable to us mama mboga and they offer PAYGO as you we use the products something many don't offer here. Am well working until late night because of the well solar lights brightness "

Armstrong company Thika

" Our milk operations is always effective mostly at night and use of non carbonized Briquettes from Usafi energy is best decision for us they always deliver high quality Briquettes. CEO Barnice Wanjiru "


" We needed someone with technical skills in both briquettes machinery and production and after referral from SNV we settled at USAFI Energy and indeed they worked as per our expectations. They installed the Briquettes machine in Kakuma and as well offer technical skills to the staff who now does the Briquetting since 2021. Regional director Joosten Koen on energy resilience East Africa "

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